Cleaning & Drying:

  • Clean your hands, then unwrap the tattoo.
  • In the shower, use warm water and antibacterial soap to remove all the gunk on the surface of the tattoo with your hands. It’s just plasma, excess ink and sweat but it needs to be washed off.
  • Pat dry with a clean kitchen roll, and allow to air for a couple of minutes.
  • Apply a THIN layer of aftercare balm.
  • If Re-wrapping make sure it is not too tight.


Basic Info:

  • Always clean your hands off before cleaning a tattoo.
  • Only unwrap a fresh tattoo if you can clean it immediately.
  • Tattoos need to be cleaned twice a day with antibacterial soap.
  • Clean tattoos in the shower, never the bath.
  • Never use alcohol based products on fresh tattoos.
  • Do not touch a fresh tatto unless you have cleaned your hands first.
  • Only apply a thin layer of aftercare balm, WITH CLEAN HANDS.
  • Never re-wrap a fresh tattoo unless you have just cleanED it.
  • Do no re-wrap the tattoo too tightly, it requires air to heal.
  • Never allow fresh tattoos to come into contact with pet hair or saliva, bathroom towels, tight clothing or anything that could harbor bacteria.
  • Never swim or go in hot tubs/saunas with a fresh or healing tattoo.
  • Tattoos usually take 10-21 days to heal completely. They will be red, swollen and sore for the first couple of days, then they should tighten and dry out, and a thin, flaky scab will begin to form.
  • Never pick scabs/flakes off of your tattoo.